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HOPE.II report

By: -Martina Köninger

We had a fruitful time in our group at the Thermal Hotel. Examples of practicing inclusive church service with the health care-, prayer- and worship network. It is planned that Bernd Witchow will have something published, in connection with the Theology network, about the biblical view of people with disabilities in the Old and New Testaments.
Roland Walter focused with us on how people with disability can be “salt” in Europe. Not only for east Europeans it was a good experience to see how one with a severe speech disability can find ways to be a witness and teach others.
-Martina Köninger

Dear Friends in disability ministry around Europe,

Blessed greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

After the Hope II conference, we promised one another to stay in touch. This happened between Martina from Germany and Luci from Romania. Read about their experience under the item “Germany.” It is an example of practical networking. This practical aid has already happened in the past between our partners in Switzerland and Italy. They helped Albania and Bulgaria (amongst others). Is it not wonderful that this can just happen? 

Please pray that the Lord will expand this networking ministry. We can be there for one another and – thus – become a clear voice for and with people with disabilities in Christian Europe. My vision is that through those that seem the weakest, the greatness of God may become more and more visible and that it may be a witness on our continent.  The secular world teaches us that weakness, imperfection, and shortcomings do not count. Christ teaches us that these aspects are of importance in our lives and in the life of the church. Do we dare accept this challenge, by going against this and by overcoming in His name?

I would like to invite you to prayerfully read this prayer list. We need each other but especially God’s blessing in this. (I left all the contacts in the list, so even if we do not have items, we can lift them up before the Lord).

I wish you God’s richest blessing during these summer months and, should you take some vacation, I pray for a time of blessed rest.

Thérèse Swinters


·      Thank you Myriam for changing our broken English into something that we all can understand.
·      Enabling Disabled Artists and Musicians – (EDAM) e-newsletter : 
   interesting information
·  many interesting videos on the
       theology of suffering, you can sit with them in the classroom and listen to all kinds of good speakers. 

·      Next EDN conference will take place in Germany from October 11 to 14, 2012.

Please sent this list to all who can pray with us, if you like.



ALBANIA:  God Loves Albania Ministries– Rev. Gesina Blaauw Secka   

·      Peace in Tirana.
·      Preparations of our summer programmes.
·      Wisdom and insight in the preparation of projects already planned on paper!
·      Gibou’s travels.
·      Praise the Lord for His victory regarding our (ex) land on top of our property. The son of the ex-property owner has tried to get it back through lawsuits, false accusations, etc. However, we won.
·      Pray for the completion of other official paper work, for Marikaj and my house.
·      Pray for Malawi: Peace in the country, revival of Christians, the wedding of the daughter of James, Carolina.·      Pray for Gambia: Peace in the country, growth of the Church and conquering of obstacles that would stop development.

 BELGIUM Dutchspeaking: Gemeenten en Gehandicapten – Jenny Tamboers      
We totally depend on volunteers to accomplish our work. This means that the two coordinators who lead the work are helped by several other people.
Besides the coordination, we have now three Bible Clubs in Flanders. If we want a club in each province, we would need to start at least three more clubs.
  How could we collect all the wheelchairs that are spread around Belgium in order to send them to people in Eastern countries of Europe?



 BULGARIA:  Light for Life


BULGARIA:  New Hope     Adelina Perchekliyska – Velkova


"I am using the Google translator to help write this".
We pray that you, your staff and office in which God makes you serve, would be abundantly blessed.
I thank God for giving me the opportunity to meet you, Jenny, Martina, Roland, Hans, Sergei and Natasha and all the other brothers and sisters of the European Network for people with disabilities.
I thank God that I was able to hear all that God is doing through their ministries. I was very encouraged by what was shared and that I can share the Gospel among people with disabilities in Bulgaria.
I now pray for God's work throughout Europe and would love to hear from many and receive specific needs for specific people.
We need prayer for our office in Bulgaria as we organize an upcoming conference that will be held from July 25 to 31, 2011. Already 70 people have declared that they will attend the conference - people with disabilities and their companions. We are looking forward to a blessed time of sharing between us and our Lord - Jesus Christ. Please pray for our conference.
My personal urgent need is a working wheelchair. Please note that my needs in my prayers, for which I thank you in advance.

 My personal dream is that there will come a time when we will be able to organize a conference in Bulgaria. Amen!
My special greetings to all the European network for people with disabilities is from Romans 1:7-9.

With the love of our Lord: your sister Adelina Perchekliyska-Velkova

 GERMANY: PerspektivForum - Martina Köninger    
Praise: Our EDN partners from the Romanian organization called “Hope” came to Germany on June 1 to get their van fixed. They asked if it would be possible to take some wheelchairs back home.  All I did actually was call shops and send mail to someone who collects information for Holidays for wheelchair users. I told them that people were coming from Romania to Erfurt and asked if they could give a wheelchair. I was surprised how easy it was to collect wheelchairs by just phoning to shops around the Erfurt, East Germany area. Within only two days, I received five wheelchairs, diapers and other stuff. Two shops were sorry because, just shortly before my call, they threw wheelchairs away. They told me to call again in a few months.

This is part of Luci's mail after being home: 

Dear Martina,
Greetings from Romania in the Name of the Lord Jesus! I am happy for what you said, “That God is working in the heart of the people there,” and I can say that God is working also in the heart of the people here. Maybe it would be good to have some Bibles in German to give to the people when we collect wheelchairs from them.  About the feedback to them, maybe it is better if you could tell them what we did with the wheelchairs because you know the language and the situation, if this is not hard for you.
We already donated the wheelchair from the man in Erfurt (from the shop) to a paralyzed woman. Her husband could hardly move her. When we went to them, she was in the hospital, so we have the picture only with him. We donated him also one box of pampers from Ms. Cristine. The man started to cry and said that all the money they have is spent to buy pampers. He also said: "Now I know that God really exists and He knows about me!" We went also to a 13-year-old child - but the wheelchair was not good for him because he could not keep his head up - so we gave him only the milk, one box of pampers, some chocolates and other stuff Ms. Christine gave us. We also gave some chocolate to a home for disabled girls and everybody was very happy.
I was thinking that perhaps people could donate wheelchairs or other equipment for disabled as well as things we could give to the children in summer clubs such as toys, school supplies or sweets. Wee could make a special trip for this - once or twice a year. Do you think this is possible? It would be better if we only had to go to Austria because our expenses would be less - but South Germany is also good. 
Think about it, pray, and tell us what God put on your heart. May God bless you,

Luci Iacob

 Prayer request:
•     Maybe we can find a place where collected wheelchairs could be stored until they can be picked up.
•     Right now, we are organizing a barbecue to be held at our house on Saturday with deaf and hearing believers and unbelievers.
•     The situation in the deaf church in Hamburg is very difficult, lots of personal problems of members and leadership.
•     Next conference of the Perspectivforum Disability will be in the house of the German Alliance in Bad Blankenburg from October 6 to 9, 2011.

 HUNGARY: Gonnie Maasse           


 Praise point:
- We have a great God, who gives flowers (not only in nature but also in life!)
- Praise for Chritus cure of wounds.
- June 20 to 24 sports evangelism week from the Baptist church in Tata (Hungary) 
- July 4 to 8: Child Evangelism camp week in Tata (Hungary) organized by the Baptist church here. We expect about 40 children. 
- Help in further learning the Hungarian language. At the end of July, I hope to change to a real language school.

PORTUGAL:           Isabel Barros:  

- the praises are that the population is starting to see disabled people as persons and not the one like in scripture written in John 9: 2. However, Jesus answered in the verses 3 and 4 in a way that I believe and like. The people start to have their eyes open or because they have someone in family with disability.

- The prayers are so many, but here are few:
. This is a catholic country were people believe you have to suffer to reach the heaven. The disabled people are the last beings they think about and decide to help. For example, the Constitution says that the National Assembly must represent the population. They changed it totally. Last year I went inside and it is impossible for a person in a wheelchair to be a Deputy there; just for a deaf person - when it is required - a person speaking in sign language may probably go in. I asked a man who worked there for 30 years about all this and he said that no disabled deputy is working there.  I went there and there is no room for a wheelchair to “park”, even to have access to the level of the deputies.  

. The access to public places is sometimes very difficult: stairs, architectonic barriers,
. A pastor one day expressed to me that he wanted able people to do some evangelism – not disabled!
. It is very difficult to have a wheelchair because it is expensive; if we have to wait to receive it from the social security/health department, the time to wait is at least 2 years,

 ROMANIA – Luci Iacob

 See the letter to Germany


SERBIA: This is what Jelena wrote before the conference: 

Sadly, I will not be able to come to the Hope conference this year. My husband is going to US for 10 days, at the same time and my mom will not be able to watch the kids. I hope that next year I will be able to come. Are you planning to come to the Forum in Eger? Are you planning to come to Serbia maybe this year? I would surely love to meet with you.      Jelena

 STEERING GROUP – Facilitator – Thérèse Swinters   

·   Thank you Myriam for changing our broken English into something that we all can understand.
·   Please pray for this summertime. I will have a lot of time that I can fill in myself without deadlines or so. That I will have the courage to study and prepare for the next fall for EDN and for the Belgium work Gemeenten en Gehandicapten.

UKRAINE – Serhiy and Nataliya Bolchuk   Fimiam  Lutsk   

UNITED KINGDOM: Prospects – Tony Phelps Jones     

Prospects will be running special celebration meetings at New Horizon and Keswick in July and at People Without Limits and Grapevine in August. 

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