Linking networks of believers engaged in arts and entertainment for mutual encouragement in the task of salting the cultures of Europe.


Coordinator(s): Beat Rink (Crescendo)

Childrens Ministries

Linking ministries among children from across Europe for relationship building, sharing of vision, strategies and resources, mutual encouragement and prayer, and evaluating the needs of the children of Europe.

Harry also serves as the European Evangelical Alliance Children's Ministry Associate, as a European representative of the Global Children's Forum and as Western European Facilitator for the 4/14 Window Global Initiative.

Projects for 2014:

European Baptist Federation (EBF) Youth and Children’s Leader’s Conference in Berlin, Germany (17th -21st Jan)

Reaching Europe’s Children special training event (30th - 31st Jan) Hand-2-Hand UK Children and Family Ministry Conference in Eastbourne (31st Jan - 2nd Feb)

Rodom Het Kind Children’s Ministry Conference in the Netherlands (7-8th Feb)

Belgian Youth Network facilitation in Brussels (19th Feb)

Pentecostal European Federation Youth (PEFY) leaders conference in Brussels (21st – 23rd Feb)

EEA European Youth Leaders Consultation in Poland (24-26th March)

4-14 Window Movement leadership planning meeting and retreat, Colorado Springs USA (28-30th April)

Hope for Europe Round Table and State of Europe Forum in Athens, Greece (8-10th May)

SU Europe staff retreat (11-15th May)

European Leadership Forum in Wisla Poland 24 – 29th May)

European Educators Christian Association (EurECA) Conference, UK (29th May – 1st June)

Global Children’s Forum Project Work Teams, UK (2nd – 6th June)

Dutch Family Conference (6-8th June)

Festival of Hope Campaign in Warsaw, Poland (14-15th June)

Lausanne-Orthodox Consultation in Albania (15-19th September)

EEA General Assembly (October)

Meeting with Youth and Children’s Ministry leaders in Paris (24-25th Nov)

Links for resources:



Coordinator(s): Harry Bryans EEA Children's Ministry Associate

Church Planting

To provide a forum for convenors of church planting movements.


Coordinator(s): Reinhold Scharnowski


Connecting those called to urban ministry, this network examines the special needs of city dwellers and seeks out models of hope addressing such needs.


Coordinator(s): Robert Calvert

Ethne Europe (Least Reached Peoples in Europe)

Ethne Europe is a network of practitioners and mission leaders who want to see God’s Kingdom extend to all of the least reached people groups in Europe – those who have immigrated or come as refugees and well as to the least reached peoples who are indigenous to Europe. Our goal is to learn from and encourage one another in our various ministries, as well as to raise awareness within the European Church for the tremendous opportunities God has brought to our door-step.

As part of the larger global Ethne network, Ethne Europe also can help challenge and link the Church in Europe to work among least-reached peoples world-wide and to connect with many others working among them.

Ethne is relating to Hope for Europe for the purposes of HOPE•II, and also relates to other networks including Call2All.

Coordinator(s): Edwin Caruana

Evangelism in a New Age

Millions of Europeans are spiritual seekers, but expect the church to be the last place they will experience spiritual reality. How can we build bridges to this receptive audience? Over the past few years, Steve Hollinghurst and others have been gathering to share insights and experiences, to help equip followers of Jesus to encourage others to join them in their pilgrimage. Steve and others believe we must go further than simply teaching the dangers of non-biblical ideas. We must incarnate the life and love of the One who became like us so that we might become like Him.


Coordinator(s): Steve Hollinghurst

Disabilities (The European Disability Network)


EDN is a network of Christian organisations that promotes and supports evangelistic ministry among and by people with disabilities.

Thérèse Swinters is the Facilitato of this steering group.

Network member of EDN


Europe Milal Mission


We have employees in Germany, Austria, Hungary, France and Spain.
Contact to the employees:

Albania / Shqipëria

God Loves Albania Ministries


Austria / Österreich

Christ und Behinderung


Belgium / Koninkrijk België / Royaume de Belgique

Gemeenten en Gehandicapten


Bulgaria / България

Light for Life


New Hope

Sorry, no website

Lora Foundation


Germany / Deutschland

PerspektivForum Behinderung


Hungary / Magyarország

Gonnie Maasse

Sorry, no website

Italy / Italia

Joni and Friends


Moldova / Republica Moldova

Handicap Mission


Polen / Polska

Joni i Przyjaciele Polska

Sorry, no website

Portugal / República Portuguesa


Sorry, no website

Ser Alternatieva

Sorry, no website

Romania / România


Sorry, no website

Luci Iacob

Sorry, no website

Russia / Россия

Agape Restoration Society


Spain / Reino de España


Sorry, no website

Switzerland / Schweiz / Suisse / Svizzera / Svizra

Glaube und Behinderung


The Netherlands / Nederland

Voice for the voiceless

Sorry, no website

Turkey / Türkiye Cumhuriyeti

Norita and Ken Erickson


Ukraine / Україна / Ukrajina

Mission to Ukraine


New life centre Kiev

Sorry, no website

Fimiam Lutsk


United Kingdom



Through the Roof


Joyce Carter

Sorry, no website


Coordinator(s): Therese Swinters (Gemeente en Gehandicapten)

GATE (Gifts from Africa to Europe)

Linking African believers in Europe for mutual encouragement and awareness of their contribution to renewal and transformation on the continent.


Coordinator(s): George Andoh


Building relational networks and partnerships among Christian healthcare workers who collaborate for positive changes in healthcare under the guidance of God. The healthcare network is known as Hope for Healthcare.

Coordinator(s): Chris Steyn (Healthcare Christian Fellowship International)

Leadership Development

The Leadership Development network of HFE aims to connect players in the field of leadership development in Europe for the purpose of sharing journeys and discoveries, pooling awareness, and building and strengthening personal relationships.
The network aims to stimulate reflection by Christian leaders through brainstorming on trends, needs and strengths, and to explore possibilities for partnership and cooperation.

At HOPE•II a limited group of around 35 men and women will gather to pool awareness of what is already happening in the field of leadership development across Europe, brainstorm on what needs to be developed, and explore ways to work together towards meeting those needs. 

More information about the program and how to prepare for the network's upcoming consultation at Hope-II / Budapest 2011 is available at the dedicated website:


Coordinator(s): Herman Heyman (Belgium)

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Upcoming Events

EEA European Youth Leaders Consultation in Poland (24-26th March)


European Conference: "May Your Kingdom Come"

The main goal for this conference is to gather women in leadership within the Church, the Mission field and/or the workplace.

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HOPE.II report

We had a fruitful time in our group at the Thermal Hotel. Examples of practicing inclusive church service with the health care-, prayer- and worship network. It is planned that Bernd Witchow will have something published, in connection with the Theology network, about the biblical view of people with disabilities in the Old and New Testaments.
Roland Walter focused with us on how people with disability can be “salt” in Europe. Not only for east Europeans it was a good experience to see how one with a severe speech disability can find ways to be a witness and teach others.
-Martina Köninger

France / Wallonie / Suisse

Pour l'EDN (European Disabilities Network), nous cherchons des chrétiens en France, en Wallonie et en Suisse, qui s'engagent dans le volontariat pour le bien-être des personnes handicapées. L'EDN forme un réseau européen pour échanger les expériences dans le travail pour les handicapés chrétiens.

Good bye Jonathan Stuart Mc Rostie / English International

On September 25, 2011, Jonathan Stuart McRostie went to be with the Father. Therese Swinter has written a commemoration of the life of Jonathan Stuart Mc Rostie.


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