Steve Hollinghurst  is a Researcher in Evangelism to Post-Christian Culture, based at the Sheffield Centre. His job is to find out how Christians can communicate their faith effectively with people who do not have a church background. He finds that most of the people he speaks to who are not Christians see the point and often offer their own suggestions as to how Christianity can improve its flagging image. His own spiritual journey began in his teens with exploration of all kinds of faiths and alternative spiritualities before choosing Christianity as his path. Since then he has been interested in the spiritual quest of others and how Christianity might connect with their quest as it has with his.

Steve has experience of mission work in contemporary culture, both as a youth evangelist for several years in an inner urban area of Nottingham and also as a University Chaplain prior to taking up his current post with Church Army. He has done postgraduate research into contemporary spirituality, involving field research amongst Pagans and New Agers and has an academic background in social science as well as theology. He is part of the team that runs the Elemental venue at the Glastonbury festival, and involved in several Christian stalls at New Age fairs. For a number of years he has been part of the 'alternative worship' movement.

Steve will be leading the Evangelism in a New Age Consultation, and together with Ole Skjerbaek Madsen will present a plenary session on 'connecting with seekers.'