Shirinai Dossova was born to a Muslim family in Uzbekistan. After her family found out that she had become a Christian, her older brother disowned her and kicked her out of the house. Today, eight out of her nine siblings (including the brother who disowned her) are Christians and many are planting churches. The brother who years ago evicted her from the house is now hosting church services in his home. She describes her family situation as a "miracle." 

In Robert Morgan’s book Candles of Truth, Shirinai’s faith and courage are described during a tense episode in Moscow in August 1991 when she walked over to one of the tanks that had surrounded the Russian parliament and knocked loudly on its side with her knuckles. She continued until the baffled driver opened the hatch and appeared. "It says in this book that you shouldn't kill," she said, thrusting the Bible at him. "Are you going to kill us?"