Pam Rosewell Moore is a native of England and was Corrie ten Boom’s personal companion for the last seven years of Corrie’s life. Pam had her doubts when she interviewed to be companion of the much-loved author Corrie ten Boom. Corrie's best-selling book The Hiding Place, which recounted how she and her family had hidden Jews during World War II in Holland until their betrayal and arrest by the Nazis, had launched for Corrie a worldwide ministry of travel and speaking. Awed by the spiritual challenge this companionship posed, Pam wondered how she could keep up with the energetic 83-year-old. But God knit a strong bond between the young Englishwoman and the remarkable Dutch evangelist.

She worked as director of intercessory prayer and director of spiritual life at Dallas Baptist University for nearly 15 years. The author of five books of her own, Pam speaks widely at conferences and churches and lives with her husband, Carey, in Waxahachie, Texas.

Pam will address a plenary session on 'Forgiving the past, Forging the future', drawing on lessons learnt from Corrie ten Boom. She will also present bible studies during the Women in Leadership consultation.