Dr. Os Guinness is a writer and speaker living in Northern Virginia. Born in China during World War II, he remained there until 1951 when the Communists forced most foreigners to leave. Since then he has lived mostly in England, Switzerland, and the United States. Educated in England, he did undergraduate studies at the University of London and postgraduate studies at University of Oxford, where he graduated with a D.Phil in the social sciences from Oriel College. His deep concern is to bridge the chasm between academic knowledge and popular knowledge, taking things that are academically important and making them intelligible and practicable to a wider audience, especially as they concern matters of public policy.

Os will be speaking in a plenary session on "New Dark age? New Christian Renaissance?", as well as contributing to the Church leaders consultation on “Fools’ Talk – recovering the art of Christian persuasion”. He will also address an open evening session on "People of truth – the importance of truth in an age of postmodern skepticism.”