Hanspeter Nuesch has been the initiator of the Jesus Day events in Switzerland and Finland, bringing together many thousands in prayer for their nations, cantons and towns.

He is the son of a businessman and a politician, and lives with his wife Vreni in Boppelsen, Switzerland.  They have four grown-up children. He is the former President of a textile company, director of Campus für Christus (better known internationally as CCCi or AGAPE) in Switzerland for over twenty years, Chairman of the Board of Agape Europe, Editor of “Christliches Zeugnis”, and Director of six EXPLO-Congresses including EXPLO 2000 International. 

He is well known as an initiator of many projects and as a dynamic speaker at international conferences. He holds a degree in Economics and is also active musically, playing mainly “boogie-woogie”. One of his distinctive characteristics is spiritual and mental vigilance. Hans Peter has pioneered partnership ministries in several “closed” countries such as and North Korea. He sees his main role as a bridge-builder and networker. His life-motto in challenging situations: Praise God – Bless People! He recently completed a biography of Billy Graham.

Hanspeter will address a plenary at HOPE•II on 'Praying God’s future down to earth'.