Dr. David Bjork
 has been engaged in mission work in France over three decades from 1979. In the late 1980’s in France, his mission turned out to be a self-imposed assignment to bring irreligious people back to the church. His work has been described as unusual among missionaries in that it has not been primarily to garner new Protestant flocks, but to bring non-practicing Christians back to their own church. 

David is the author of ‘Unfamiliar Paths—The Challenge of Recognizing The Work of Christ in Strange Clothing: A Case Study From France’, a book telling the story of an American missionary church planter led by God to a new approach of co-operation with the French Catholic church. In it he asks Christians to re-evaluate the way they view missions and the models they work with. The book draws heavily from his decades of experience and in what has been considered one of the hardest countries in the world to evangelise. David has also written another book, ‘As Pilgrims Progress: Learning How Christians Can Walk Hand in Hand When They Don't See Eye to Eye’.

Most recently David and Diane his wife accepted a call to work with the International Institute for Christian Studies in French-speaking Africa, and hope to find a position with an African university, starting fall 2011.