Dr. Andreas Walker, 
1965, Basel-Switzerland, married since 1990, father of four children.

Dr. Andreas M. Walker is an expert in Strategic Foresight. He worked for several consulting companies and as member of senior management of a global financial player. He has won three international awards. Since 2002 he is owner of a consulting company for Strategic Foresight and Strategic Business Development. He is advising politicians, administrations, companies and Christian NPO. In 2002 he has written a scenario of a global financial crisis and 2004 he has written a scenario of a global swine flu pandemic. Since 2009 he is Co-President of Swiss Society for Futures Studies giving a lot of interviews and talk shows to Swiss and German television and radio stations and to newspapers and magazines.
Most recently Dr Walker has initiated the Hope survey nationwide in Switzerland and across Europe,, with results for Switzerland published on Christmas Eve by 24 Heures.

Dr Walker will address the plenary session on 'Waking up to tomorrow', as well as speaking to church leaders on anticipating the future.