Politics: Issues facing Europeans today in politics

Host: Dr Roel Kuiper, Senator, First Chamber, Dutch Parliament
The Politics Consultation will be held at the
Hotel MediterrĂ¡n, Budaorsi ut 20/A, 1118 Budapest on Wednesday and Thursday May 11&12.

The Politics Consultation is open for all interested in finding biblical responses to issues facing Christians in European politics, including the revitalisation of European values from a Christian-political perspective, the rise of nationalism and populism in reaction to elitism, and the presence of Islam in Europe.
The consultation will take the form of presentations and papers (some to be circulated to participants prior to the congress) followed by discussion.

Wednesday May 11th
chair: Prof Dr Roel Kuiper

Theme: European Values
Dr Sander Luitwieler, How may the ‘European values’ be formulated and revitalised from a Christian-political perspective?   
Dr Michael Schluter, How can a more ‘relational’ Europe be realised?
--coffee break--
David Fieldsend (CARE for Europe), Defining and defending the European value of ‘Freedom’
Theme: Globalisation, capitalism, lessons from the Financial crisis
14.00 – 16.00: Prof Prabhu Guptara, can capitalism be transformed?  
Dr Roel Kuiper, social and moral capital
responses from Michael Schluter, Vishal Mangalwadi
Presentation: CARE for Europe/ Relationships Global

Open evening session: Dr Michael Schluter on Relationism

Thursday May 12th
chair: David Fieldsend, CARE for Europe, Brussels
Theme: Christianity & Islam, populism & elitism
9.00 – 11.00:
Dr Philip Jenkins, Europe’s religious crisis & political implications
--coffee break--
11.30 – 12.30: Dr Os Guinness, The art of Christian persuasion
Theme: The Future of Europe as a united continent
14.00 – 16.00: Dr Andreas Walker, The politics of hope
Presentation: ECPM/ECPF/ Schuman Centre