Consultations will be held at the Griff Hotel, Budapest. (See map and list of hotels for photos, address and location)

The church  in Europe faces huge challenges. Openness for the gospel is rare, and church seems to decline rapidly. The continent that once birthed world missions is now the prodigal. These changes force the church to abandon most of the old patterns and behaviours and start to think the other way around. The biggest challenge is probably to shift from an attractional to an incarnational way of thinking: we need to be where the people are, before we can ever get them to where we are.

So the question is: where are the people nowadays? Where and how can we connect to them in a meaningful way? The facts are clear. Almost the entire population of Europe, regardless of age, country, sex, is online. Mindboggling statistics show that 100% of teenagers in Western European countries are online every day; 60% of all Europeans are considered Internet users and 1 out of every 3 of them is on Facebook. And what do you do when confronted with a difficult question? Google it.  

Internet Evangelism is probably the most effective way of attracting people, presenting them the gospel and connecting them to other Christians. In this network consultation, we will explore the visionary and spiritual aspects of Internet evangelism as well as best practices in strategy, tools and technologies. The sessions are hosted by Agape Europe (www.agapeeurope.org) and jesus.net (www.jesus.net). Your network Consultation leader is Mark de Boer, Agape Europe Online-led Movements director and National Director for Agape The Netherlands and Roger Vann, Agape Europe executive Agent for Online-led Movements.

Together, let’s cast the net!

mark.JPG  Mark de Boer  holds a Masters degree in Business Economics from the Free University in Amsterdam. After an 8-year business career in ICT and consulting, he and his wife Mira joined Agape The Netherlands in 2004. Agape is the Western European branch of Campus Crusade for Christ, one of the largest worldwide ministries for evangelism and discipleship. In 2007, Mark became National Director. Under his leadership, Internet Ministry became one of the leading priorities, and in 2010 he became the first Agape Europe Director for Internet Ministry. Agape is one of the founding partners of jesus.net, currently spanning 17 languages and 40 partners around Europe and beyond.

Mark is married to Mira, with 3 children aged 5 – 10, and lives in Almere, the Netherlands. He will address a plenary session on Internet Evangelism and lead the network consultation on this topic.