Genk, Belgium, December 14, 2010

To all partners in the European Disability Network, their co-workers, and anyone interested in Bible-based ministry among disabled people in Europe

Dear Friends,
May grace and peace ever be increasing in you, in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord; 2 Peter 1:2
Your invitation to Hope II in Budapest, 9 - 13 May 2011

In April 2002 a major Hope For Europe congress was held in Budapest, Hungary, attended by 1000 invited evangelical leaders from 38 European countries. Called HOPE.21, it aimed to explore the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ for 21st century Europeans.
That congress brought together the people shown in the photo (right) who laid the foundation for the European Disability Network. Since then a steering group has met annually to develop the work. Many visits have been made to partner organizations, and 4 training conferences have been held. AND NOW…

The EDN Steering Group invites you warmly to the second Hope Congress in May 2011 in Hungary. Your ministry can be strengthened, supported and multiplied in partnership with others. You will be:
• Inspired by Biblical teaching on different themes
• Encouraged by what God is doing across Europe
• Equipped with practical ideas and information to strengthen your ministry
• Renewed through sharing with Christians from other countries

Delegates will gather altogether to hear plenary speakers, then have 2 days focusing on disability issues in our own hotel. Representatives from other networks will also be present, enabling us to influence the promotion of 'disability' in their work. We have developed a programme that gives many opportunities for interaction and learning.
For more details please see regularly. Click Congress.

During Hope II you’ll get chances to be an advocate for disabled people and promote an inclusive model of church ministry. EDN is a network that exists only through cooperation between its partners.

Register NOW at
The cost, which is partly subsidized, includes all conference attendance fees, quality hotel accommodation that is suitable for disabled people, all meals and refreshments plus transport between our hotel and Congress Centre.
If you register before April 31, you'll pay less. Later registration means paying more.

May our precious Lord be with you always.
Thérèse Swinters For EDN

Consultations will be held at the Hotel Thermal, Margitsziget, 1138 Budapest.




To promote ministry among disabled people and ministry by disabled people.


European Disability Network Coordinator:

Therese Swinters Peperhofstraat 58 - B – 3600 Genk Tel./fax.: 00 32 (0)89 38 55 64


EDN Steering Group Members:

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bernd.JPG Bernd Wittchow
is a theologian and was a teacher at a Bible college during the communist era in the former East Germany. Since a car accident he has had to use a wheelchair. He will talk about how disabled people can engage with church leaders and how they can communicate the Good news to other disabled people.


Ted talk: "Enabling each other" by Bernd Wittchow


Bernd will talk about life as a believer during communist era in East Germany, Christians in every part of society, German Unity and how Christians, after the fall of the wall, had been entrusted with responsibilities. He will describe how he, as believer and wheelchair bound person, got to be the mayor of his town and founded a centre for alcoholics.


Disability Network:


Bernd Wittchow will share with us what the bible has to say to people with disabilities. He will give us a biblical perspective about the inclusion of people with disabilities into the church. He will touch on what the bible has to say about disability and the challenges that the church has to accept. He will talk on how can we bring the biblical prospective on disability to our churches and leaders and how disabled people can be released into ministry to enrich the church with their gifts.

roland.JPG Roland was born in East Germany with cerebral paralysis. After he moved to Berlin, in spite of his severe disability in talking, he found ways to reach out to others and preach the gospel. He founded a group of disabled and non-disabled people to remove barriers in buildings in Berlin. He has also organised camps and seminars for disabled and non-disabled people.

Roland will talk to us about the future of work for the disabled in Europe, the future for disabled people, taking action, interdependency, support, and advocacy. We will all be enriched by the sharing of our experiences in the various European countries. We will also have the opportunity, as a network for people with disabilities, to reach out to other networks in Christian ministry across Europe to bring awareness on how to include disabled people into their network.