European Church Planting Leaders' Consultation - Budapest May 09-13, 2011

Dear Friends

Last autumn, several European Church Planting leaders met in Frankfurt for a day. We decided that it is high time to (re)connect and get an overview of the status of Church Planting in (mainly Western) Europe. We will use the framework of the Hope II congress in Budapest in May 2011 (see and invite you to a consultation of leaders engaged in Church Planting across Europe. We will have 2 full days for our “track” (plus the extra plenary day of the Hope II conference).
We have put together four blocks of presentations and subsequent discussions: 

-  Eurochurch is performing a Research project on The Status of The Church in Europe and will present first results of this
-  Marc van der Woude will present an overview on Simple Churches in Europe, based on the first extensive research on this subject.
-  emRG (European Missions Research Group) will give an overview of the important issue on Immigrants in Europe
-  Finally, we will deal with the important question (always being asked) whether “Church Planting movements” are possible in Europe.
In the evenings, we will have open sessions and much time for interaction and networking with each other as well as with members of other tracks at Hope.II.
Here is an overview of the schedule:




We ask that you register directly with Hope II and invite you to bring co-workers with you. The link for information, costs and registration is: This network is called “Church Planting”, and consultations will be held in Hotel Waltzer, a category B hotel -  Németvölgyi út 110, 1124 Budapest.


This site may be used for registration right away and will be updated when new information when this becomes available.  


We look forward to meeting you in Budapest.


With a warm welcome:


     Martin Robinson, Eurochurch, Great Britain            

     Andreas Wolf, European Mission Research Group (emRG), Germany   

     Oivind Augland, DAWN Scandinavia, Norway

     Chris Stoddard, eurochurch / RUN network, Great Britain 

     Murray Moerman, OC Global Alliance/Church Planting Network (GCPN), GB.         

     Paul Haenze, GEM / European Mission Research Group (emRG), Poland

     Reinhold Scharnowski, DAWN European Network, Switzerland