After the plenary sessions on Monday and Tuesday, May 9 & 10, there will be two days of special consultations for church leaders, hosted by Rev Markku Harpponen, a Lutheran priest, the  former Campus Crusade director for Western Europe and present ambassador for church relations.
Location: Hotel Walzer, Németvölgyi út 110, 1124 Budapest.

(See list of hotels and map for photos, location and address).

The Church Leaders Consultation will give pastors, ministers, priests, elders and deacons the opportunity to interact with experienced and world-renowned speakers and resource people on issues facing church leaders in Europe today.
This will be an opportunity for local church leaders to to gain a 'glocal' perspective - seeing globally, acting locally. The plenaries will offer a broad look at Europe - yesterday, today and tomorrow - while the consultations will offer more in depth understanding for your local situation.
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Philip Jenkins  Os Guinness       David Bjork      Martine Vonk  Michael Schluter Andreas Walker Hanspeter Nüesch 

9.00-10.30    Dr Philip Jenkins and Dr Os Guinness on: the church as a change agent, past, present and future. Os will share on recovering the art of persuasion.
11.00-12.30    Dr David Bjork and Dr Martine Vonk share on shalom as lifestyle: David on unity in the Body (how to walk hand in hand when you don't see eye to eye); Martine on the church’s role in restoring harmony with God's creation

9.00-10.30     Dr Michael Schluter on building a relational church and society - how to develop healthy relationships within the church community, and from there into the braoder community.
11.00-12.30    Hanspeter Nuesch and Dr Andreas Walker on shaping the future: Hanspeter on prayer movements; Andreas on how the church can promote a climate of hope.

Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and evenings are free to observe other networks and to choose among the variety of open evenings in other hotels.

To contact Markku directly: