HOPE•II, Budapest, 9-13 May 2011
Nine years after the HOPE•21 Congress of Hope for Europe, HOPE•II again gathered several hundred leaders from all across Europe in the Budapest Congress Centre.

HOPE•II aimed to:
• nurture a culture of hope in and for Europe
• promote body-life and networking beyond local expressions,
across cities, nations and the continent
• equip Europeans to think and act 'European'
• restore biblical perspectives on past and future
engage present challenges

Europe needs you!
Europe once was the initial point of Christianity's world mission, of reformation and revival. Now it seems as if a dead body needs to receive back a revival from all over the world. HOPE•II is a wonderful platform for Europeans themselves who have hope, want to see change and want to network with all kind of professionals for regaining Europe for Christ in all areas of life, from artists to lawyers, from school teachers to evangelists.

Prof. Dr. theol. Dr. phil. Thomas Schirrmacher
Chair, Theological Commission, World Evangelical Alliance´╗┐    wea-logo-(jpeg).jpg

Hope IIRead the congress updates, Budapest Bulletins 1, 2 &3:
Screen-shot-2011-05-02-at-10-07-21.png  Screen-shot-2011-04-07-at-09-19-16.png  BB1-(1).JPGBB1.jpg

HOPE•II plenary sessions were held only on the opening evening and the first full day, in the Budapest Congress Centre.


Plenary sessions on the 9th and 10th will consist mainly of short, 20-minute talks of ‘ted.com’ talk format, addressing a wide range of issues facing Europe today. 
Speakers & artists included:

      mv.JPG    osg.JPG
 Philip Jenkins          Michael Schluter    Martine Vonk           Victor Hashweh      Os Guinness  

        stholl.JPG  mr-(1).JPG
Thomas                   Pam                     Ole Skjerbaek      
Steve Hollinghurst  Michael Ramsden       
 Schirrmacher           Rosewell Moore       Madsen          

    Vishal               Andreas Walker     HansPeter Nuesch   Darrell Jackson       Prabhu Guptara 
(hindered from attending)                     (hindered from attending)     
   Jeff Fountain       Bernd Wittchow        Shirinai Dossova       David Bjork             Patricia Green

  rob.JPG   Carlos2.jpg
Colin Harbinson        Dave Roberts       Carlos Martinez

Networks sessions, consultations and open evenings
On the 11th and 12th, networks met in various hotels around the city, linking together people in similar ministries in different locations across Europe. Networks included:
ArtsChildren’s ministriesCity ministriesChurch Planting European Disability Network Ethne Europe (Least reached peoples in Europe), including South Asians in Europe sub-group Evangelism in a new age Mega-event Evangelism (e.g. 2012 Olympics)Internet evangelism‘GATE’: Gifts from Africa To Europe Health Leadership development PrayerTheologyWomen in leadershipWorship

Special one-time consultations, simultaneous with the network sessions, were also planned for:
PoliticsChurch Leaders  Muslims in Europe


In memoriam
convenor of the prayer network