Hope Awards

The HOPE Award 
is awarded annually by the HOPE for Europe movement, to a person, group or project in Europe embodying the message of biblical hope and values of partnership, networking, transformation, and integrity.

The purpose of the award is to encourage by giving appropriate honour to such people and efforts, and to increase awareness especially across national borders of initiatives, which in turn can inspire further 'actions of hope'.

The HOPE Award is an honorary recognition of services rendered and has no monetary reward attached.
Past recipients include:
Sir Fred Catherwood, 2002 - former vice-president European Parliament

The Hope Pavilion, Hannover, Germany, 2002 - a joint project of the Evangelical Alliance, Germany; World Vision, Germany; YMCA Germany

Elizabeth Mittelstadt,
2002  - founder/editor of Lydia Magazine and initiator of the HFE women in leadership network

The VUSH (Albanian EA), 2002 -  for work among refugees during the Kosovo crisis

Gemeinsam für Berlin, 2003 - a model of city-wide partnership among congregations and professional members of the congregations for urban transformation

Athens Refugee Centre, 2004 - an effective social aid and evangelism ministry at one of Europe's 'gates'.

A Rocha Project, Portugal, 2005 - Christian Environmental Movement, Portugal

Daniel Szabó, Hungary,  2006 - who served throughout the communist period in the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH), and has held many leadership responsibilities, including the presidency of the Hungarian EA. 

Henryk & Alina Wieja, Poland, 2006  - founders and directors of the Life and Mission Ministry, and of a private medical centre in Ustron, southern Poland. They are also engaged in marital, family and counselling work, lecturing, teaching and holding seminars together in theological seminaries and bible schools across Poland. Together they have authored several books.

New Reformation Movement, Belarus 2006Founded in 2001 by pastors and activists from Baptist, Pentecostal and Charismatic denominations, the NRM aims to promote unity and vision among church leaders, to foster Biblical thinking among the Belarusian people, and to equip the churches for reformation in society.

The Mall Project, YFC Rotterdam, Holland, 2007 -

Alfa Omega TV, Romania, 2008 -

Kalevi Lehtinen, Finland, 2008 -

Barcelona Evangelical Hospital, Spain, 2009 -

Langenthal Klinik, Switzerland, 2009 -

St Luke’s Hospital, Greece, 2009 -

Johan Lukasse, Belgium, 2010 -
To nominate a person or a project for the 2012 HOPE Award, write to hope2@hfe.org with the following details:

Nomination for HOPE Award 2012

name(s) of nominee(s):

name of person or project being nominated:

description of the work/ministry of the nominated party and how this party embodies the message of biblical hope and values of partnership, transformation and integrity:

website(s) where further infromation can be found:

Deadline: Nov 1, 2011.
Nominations will be considered by the members of the HFE Round Table.